Standalone randomly crashes on Win 7 & 10

jbv jbv at
Thu Aug 4 07:35:30 EDT 2016

Hi list
One of my clients experiences random crashes on Win 7 & 10
with a standalone built with LC Community 6.5.2. The same
standalone built for Mac simultaneously with the Win version
never crashes...
I also have other apps built with the same LC version and used
by other clients on Win 7, 8 and 10 that never crash.
I can't really make tests of my own, because they have a
very specific activity, like updating a remote DB with some
very specific data I don't have access to. So I asked them
to forward me all info they can get with Event Viewer.
But it's not very sophisticated : it only mentions error
1001 for that app, which means "application crashed"...
As all users of the standalone have also Avast installed on
their PC, and since Avast already caused troubles in the past
with other LC apps and other clients, I suspect it's
something worth to explore, although I can't be 100% sure.
So my question(s) :
- are there other tools on Windows that could give more
accurate info about the cause of the crashes
- is there any specific debugging strategy in that case ?

Thanks in advance

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