Touch everywhere (was Re: Set DoubleClickInterval very low!)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Aug 3 20:50:30 EDT 2016

Earlier I wrote in reply to Mark Waddingham:
 > I think LC's implementation is similar to how most OSes handle it,
 > at least judging from the old Inside Mac details on click interval
 > and slop rect, and the XP refs I used to read.
 > Given that, I'm not sure we need to have you spend time away from
 > other tasks to explore this...

I'd like to amend that with an exploratory idea:  supporting multitouch 
on all platforms.

macOS currently supports touch gestures via the trackpad, and both 
Windows and some Linux distros like Ubuntu and Mint support direct touch 
on screen.

If we're going to explore possible extensions for what we currently 
thing of as mouse messages, would it make sense to consider extending 
that further to support multitouch on all platforms, desktoo and mobile 

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