Refer to new group?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Aug 3 10:31:40 EDT 2016

Monte Goulding wrote:

 > Funnily enough I bumped up against this on Monday when making this
 > patch
 > <> and filed
 > this report > 
 > As you can see I’m using Jeanne’s workaround here but really this
 > needs some engine improvements which is why I filed the report to
 > look into when we get a chance.

Thanks for moving that forward, Monte.

I agree that the best solution would be for "it" to contain the long id 
of the newly created group.

"last group" doesn't appear to be broken per se, because AFAIK it seems 
to faithfully return the group with the highest ordinal number, even if 
in some cases we might prefer it behave like a "most recently created" 
function instead.

So making sure "it" has the object reference not only provides a good 
solution, but one which is consistent with other object creation commands.

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