Create and Delete Browser Widget?

Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Tue Aug 2 16:51:24 EDT 2016

Can you simply set the rect of the browser widget to be off screen?

On Sat, Jul 30, 2016 at 9:53 PM, Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami <
brahma at> wrote:

> Thks for the tips.
> Results:
> Stack A
>     has a mobileScroller on  card 1
>      the group that scrolls has links, some to out to another stack that
> has the browser widget.
> Stack B The Browser Stack
>    runs landscape… I pull a URL from our web server… runs beautifully.
>    has button to go back to cd 1 of stack A
> If I set the now to vis = false… (hide)
> When we arrive back at stack A  we don't see the browser occupying the
> space any more, at least visually. But the mobileScroller now is failing. I
> cannot scroll the group on the screen.
> I suspected that the invisible browser may still be trapping the touch
> events.
> OK… so then next test:
> on stack B, Delete browser on close and create browser on open.
>   result: 1st problem is geometry… the stack is set to landscape… and when
> I create the browser as invisible and set the rect of the browser to
> 50,30,the width of this card, the height of this card after creating it… it
> fails and is drawn in the lower corner in a rect that is about 200px square
> in the lower left of the card.  OK, setting that aside, on mobile, I can
> start the video, on iOS it expands (youtube behavior) to take the full
> screen and when I click DONE it drops back to my card view (with browser
> stuck in the lower left area)…
> So now I set the navigation in the behavior that is attached to the stack
> to delete the browers on exiting that card/stack and issue go recent.
> So now we are back at Stack A… I can see in the project browser ondesktop
> (which is now runtime responsive in 8.1 dp3 YAY!) that the browser object
> is indeed being created and deleted… BUT
> the scroller region on CD 1 of Stack A is still non responsive… I have to
> leave that stack, go to another stack and then back again… *now* the
> scroller is responsive.
> So, this is a bit tricky eating up a lot of time going no where…
> BR
> On 7/30/16, 11:27 AM, "use-livecode on behalf of panagiotis merakos" <
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> wrote:
>     See the [create widget] command in the dictionary. You can do:
>     create widget "MyBrowser" as "com.livecode.widget.browser"
>     Maybe worth trying first to set the "visible" of the browser widget to
>     false/true when you close/open the card that has the browser widget. If
>     this does not work then try to delete/create the widget
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