looking for an alternative to KAGI, because KAGI ceased operations

Matthias Rebbe matthias_livecode_150811 at m-r-d.de
Tue Aug 2 04:59:09 EDT 2016

Thanks Hugh,

i had the same impression, but my tax consultant recommend to go the save and easy way and use a seller platform.

So i set up an account with Fastspring this morning. At the moment i am building a web service around the my license generator.
Seems not to be very complicated.

Btw.: If someone  is looking for a keygen solution for LiveCode then have a look at Zygodact
http://hyperactivesw.com/solutions_zygodact.html <http://hyperactivesw.com/solutions_zygodact.html>.

I can´t say it often enough: It´s really an awesome and timesaving solution.


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> Am 02.08.2016 um 10:07 schrieb FlexibleLearning.com <admin at FlexibleLearning.com>:
> EU VAT is only due on AUTOMATED transactions. Communicating by email and
> attachments does NOT constitute "Digital Services"...
> https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/41
> 5931/VAT_MOSS_Flow_chart_FSB_edit_V1_0.pdf
> If your product requires a key (i.e. they are buying a key to the software)
> and you take the time to send your customer a personal email with the key,
> my understanding is this is a MANUAL transaction and so falls outside the
> scope of the legislation. If the key is issued automatically, then it does
> fall in the scope of the legislation.
> This is my understanding of this mess. I am not a lawyer and you should make
> up your own mind whether you are affected or not.
> Hugh Senior
> FLCo
> Matthias Rebbe wrote:
>> I know, Paypal is easy. I used it before 01.01.2015. But after that date
> the EU
>> changed the rules how VAT has to be handled for digital products when sold
>> within the EU.
>> So the VAT declarations for every EU country i have to do every month is
> the
>> problem. Using PayPal i am the seller of the product and therefore i am
>> responsible for the VAT declarations.
>> Every month / 3 months i have to declare how much VAT i have received
>> from the customers for each of the EU countries i sold my software to.
>> That means, even if i just sell only one license to a customer in France
> for
>> example, i have to do same amount of paper work as if i have sold  20
>> licenses to 20 different customers in France.
>> If i sell 5 licenses to 5 different EU countries, i have to do 5
> declarations.
>> And if i do not sell for example to a french customer one month, i still
> have
>> to do the declaration for France. In this case with the information that i
> did
>> not receive ?french? VAT that month.
>> You can imagine how much work that is.
>> I think i will give Fastspring or Avangate a try. Let?s see who of them
> answers
>> my email questions faster? ;)
>> Matthias
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