What's everyone working on this month?

Peter M. Brigham pmbrig at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 09:00:39 EDT 2015

I'm continuing to tweak Psychopharmica, my practice management stack, in between seeing patients. See below for what Psychopharmica does. Latest adjustments: cleaned up the routine for fetching the zip code for an address, added finding the entry for the most recent medication prior authorization. Working on revising the diagnosis display panel to reflect the DSM-5 diagnosis structure (quite different from DSM-IV).

-- Peter

Peter M. Brigham
pmbrig at gmail.com


Psychopharmica is a documentation and practice management tool for psychopharmacologists. Its central purpose is to generate printed clinical notes for a paper chart, but it does much more. Features include:

• fast and easy clinical encounter documentation — enter and print a note in just a couple of minutes. Notes are automatically formatted to include clinician name, patient name, DOB, current age, procedure type, diagnoses, allergies, current medications, any prescriptions written, current risk status and GAF, and clinical note.
• print and document a renewal prescription with one click and a few keystrokes
• automatic prescription logging and tracking of current meds
• integrated drug name/brand database
• one click to view meds history — no need to rummage through past notes to find out if you already tried the patient on buspirone, and if so when and what happened
• one click to see the list of all prescriptions written for a patient, sortable by date or medication
• one click to view CYP drug interactions for the current medication regimen
• easy lab ordering and logging of results
• 5-axis DSM-IV diagnoses (and now DSM-5 diagnoses)
• integrated to-do list
• integrated phone message list
• integrated AIMS scoring form
• integrated ADD symptom checklist
• integrated insurance prior authorization forms
• built-in printable mood chart
• pop-up customizable list of URLs: click on a link and open the webpage — makes it easy to check the BC/BS formulary list, PubMed, etc.
• one or two clicks to start a properly formatted letter or email, open a fax cover sheet, or print an addressed envelope to the patient or to the pharmacy or other contacts
• all your written correspondence to/about a patient is stored automatically for future reference
• one or two clicks to export a patient's current meds list or meds history, for other treaters
• a couple of clicks to export a summary of active patients for a covering clinician
• sophisticated search routines: find a given text string — or list all patients whose record contains a given text string — anywhere in the database or only in a chosen field, in all patients or only in active patients. Allows you to list, eg, all patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder, or all patients who have a particular therapist, or all active patients currently on ziprasidone whose notes contain the text string "akathisia".

...and lots of other little features, eg, auto-fill patient and MD information in various forms for printing, easily print patient instructions for tapering or increasing the dose of a med, print all notes on a patient since a given date, count the patient's billable visits this calendar year, log copayments and print receipts for them, automatic reminders for drug serum levels, automatic storage of pharmacy contact info in a pharmacy database, get the highest GAF for the past year, list patients who have not been seen for over 12 months to cull them from your active patient roster, see all your phone messages from/re a patient, see the last prescription written for a particular med, enter a reminder on how to pronounce an unusual patient name, etc.

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