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Sat Sep 26 18:40:51 EDT 2015

Hi ilsa,

if you use LC 7.0.6 then

set d2 to "what"
tell application "LiveCode 7.0.6"
	do script ("ask " & d2)
end tell

works. (tested from Script Debugger)
(note the addition of "script" after do)

What I posted in the previous post is the raw Apple Event. That works also
in LC > 7.1 dp 1 and LC > 8.0 dp4
Apparently LC has lost its AppleScript dictionary in LC 7.1. dp2 and beyond
and also in 8.0 dp5
For those versions you would have to use the raw Apple Event
«event miscdosc» ("ask " & d2)
the raw Apple Event  «event miscdosc» (with chevrons) is equivalent to
AppleScript do script.

So this is a bit more complicated.

For you, when using 7.0.6 adding "script" to your script should work. For
later versions raw Apple Events should work.

Kind regards

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