LiveCode with Balsamiq?

David Bovill david at
Fri Sep 25 10:46:40 EDT 2015

Yes I looked at it. I don't have useful code. In the end I decided not to,
as it seemed more useful to create a similar effect within Livecode, than
to require people to use a paid for tool.

I would however be very interested in keeping in touch and perhaps
contributing to any such tool.

On Friday, September 25, 2015, Peter Reid <preid at> wrote:

> Has anyone tried converting from Balsamiq mockups to LiveCode?
> Balsamiq is an increasingly popular, very affordable ($89 per user)
> wireframing tool used for developing design mockups for a wide range of
> apps – web sites, mobile apps, desktop apps, etc.
> The underlying file structure of Balsamiq mockups is XML files and
> Balsamiq itself can be run on Mac and PC (it is built on top of Adobe AIR).
> Whilst Balsamiq is a great tool for static mockups, interactivity is
> limited to linked screens.  If you need to produce interactive mockups with
> a thin layer of reactive code, you need to convert the mockups into a more
> active tool.  There are several tools that will convert Balsamiq mockups
> into Web apps (generating HTML/CSS/JavaScript) as well as converting to
> Flash, etc.  However, I've seen nothing that brings together Balsamiq with
> LiveCode.
> I've used Balsamiq to work out design alternatives and walked through
> different design screens with sample users.  However, as soon as greater
> fidelity is required for more in-depth user trials, I have to start again
> and build the screens from scratch in LiveCode.
> Has anyone tried this combination of Balsamiq with LiveCode?  Better
> still, has anyone developed a conversion tool to quickly turn Balsamiq
> mockups into LiveCode screens?!
> Peter
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> Peter Reid
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