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Fri Sep 25 04:07:14 EDT 2015

On 17/09/2015 20:15, Colin Holgate wrote:
> It was a bit flakey, but I’ve learned things since then. All the app did was to switch to the information screen that corresponded with the nearest beacon. But, if the nearest one is fluctuating by enough, and the second nearest beacon fluctuates and becomes stronger just for a moment, the screen would switch. Also, sometimes a beacon will not read at all. I think that happens if the polling happens just after the beacon has finished transmitting for that second.

In electronics engineering, these types of issues are quite common 
(especially on input circuits).  Usually you can get around it by 
inserting some level of hysteresis.

Did you consider that approach?  I imagine you could do it by treating 
the currently-selected beacon as x feet nearer than the signal suggests 
for the purpose of deciding whether to switch beacons.


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