Setting Props of Multiple objects with behavior?

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I believe you've asked this question before :-)

If you can get them to work, the Inspector has a Property Profiles pane
that is supposed allow you define named property settings for all controls
in your stack, the card, and the stack itself.  I believe the theory is
that any built-in LC property can be changed simply by changing the
property profile of the stack (and thus all controls in the stack that
share that property name will automatically update as well).  The reason I
say "in theory" is because the process of applying profiles appears buggy,
but that might just be my own cluelessness in getting the settings to
stick.  It's a cool idea, it just doesn't seem to work using the Inspector.

Another option is to include a setProp handler in the behavior assigned to
your controls.  The handler would set the controls' "theme" -- their
appearance, location, etc.  You then loop through all controls and set
their theme property to whatever value/s you've established.  The nice
thing about using a behavior is that once you establish the theme in the
behavior script, any control that gets the behavior assigned to it will be
able to display the theme automatically.


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>When in the design processŠ I frequently want to sync all the buttons on
>the UI (or fields) to a new size, color, look and feel etc.  Is there a
>way to do this with behaviors, such that the parent button¹s props are
>automatically passed to all buttons on the UI?
>How are you doing this,  perhaps there is a better wayŠ like have a tool
>that picks all the props of one button except for the name, label, tool
>tip and script and then sets all the buttons on the card to those
>remaining props..
>I suspect someone has done this before
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