[OT] Looking for ideas for a mobile App?

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 01:24:32 EDT 2015

This app was rather popular in my neck of the woods but it appears that the
nannies at Apple have decided to pull it:


Those looking for an App idea in your neck of the woods might find
inspiration - fortunately intellectual property rights are only something
you talk about between President and Premier's; nothing is actually done,
so a 100% copy would only be considered normal and OK.

If you live in a Communist part of the world where religion is frowned
upon, I assume this app would be considered Educational - as it helps to
teach people a lesson.

If you live in a more spiritually enlightened part of the globe then I
guess it would be classed as religious/spiritual as it involves the laying
on of hands.

I guess the real question you'd have to ask with regard to whether you'd
make money out of this, is the enough 'local resources' to support your app.

Oh, and just to be clear, ;-) ;-) ;-)

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