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sorry to reply to this old thread but it's one of the few with really good

How to type the sound_enable=true correctly in the php file, because when
using the sample stack from livecode's forum i get a sound
notification, but when i use php i do not get a sound notification. I need
to use php, because the script from the zip let's my own stack
malfunctioning (and i don't know why but it stops sending to an url). So i
want the push to be done with php. The push comes thru but still no sound.

I use this piece in my php script:
$message = array("notification" => $_POST['message']);
         $fields = array(
             'registration_ids' => $registratoin_ids,
             'data' => $message,
	     'delay_while_idle' => false,'alert' => $abstract, 
 'body' => $abstract, 
 'payload' => $payload, 
 'badge' => intval($badge), 
 'sound' => 'default',
 'play_sound=> 'true',
'collapse_key' => 'abcdef', 

Thanks for any help on this.


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