The Feature Exchange Progress

Heather Laine heather at
Tue Sep 22 10:20:09 EDT 2015

Dear List Folks,

Yesterday we introduced the new Feature Exchange. Here's a quick update on where its at:

Remote Debugger - 4% funded
13 people love it
Mac 64 Bit - 10% funded
21 people love it
PostgreSQL - 15% funded
4 people love it
IPv6 - 5% funded
6 people love it

So in percentage terms, PostgreSQL is winning, but by numbers of backers Mac 64bit is way out ahead. Which feature do you favour? 

We'll shortly be adding a facility for you to suggest and vote on features you'd like to see. In the meantime, perhaps a discussion on the list would flush out some candidates for future funding! What do you want to see added and why?

We have a comment on the Remote Debugger from Sean:

A feature like this should be the cornerstone of mobile app development. I can’t even begin to describe how much time it would save me to have this functionality, as it’s so often a mystery as to where in the code something is breaking down on mobile relative to desktop. Surely it should be a focal point for Livecode’s expansion even if this funding goal is not met?

You're right Sean, this is a fantastic feature which we really really want to see happen. I understand where you are coming from. We'd love to make all of these features focal points but we cannot do so without the funding. Our programmers have to eat. Offices need paid for. Gotta keep the lights on and feed the dog (Juneau is becoming quite popular on our Facebook pages!).

So if you haven't already, pop over and make your pledges guys and gals! <>

Warm Regards,


P.S. Anyone want to make me a nice "Kaching" app for these campaigns? It would need to be a bit smarter than the previous Kickstarter apps as it needs to track all four campaigns... save me refreshing the page every few minutes...


Heather Laine
Customer Services Manager
LiveCode Ltd <>

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