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Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Sun Sep 20 12:58:51 EDT 2015

In desktops Mate for something familiar, and its what gnome used to be before
they wrecked it, but fluxbox is the best if you want it very fast,
functional and surprisingly well featured.  Gnome and KDE seem to be
competing which can make the most unusable desktop, so neither one of them.  

I have given up on tlling window managers but i3 is said to be the best if
you like them.  

Calibre for ebooks with the apprenticealf plugins.  fbreader as a reader.

mupdf to read pdfs, pdfshuffler to cut paste and split them.  Evince is ok
but slower than mupdf, but with more features.

audacity for audio, but if you want to clip cut concatenate or change
format, ffmpeg from the terminal

grep to find files by content

mpyst for youtube playing and downloads

for email, claws.  Small, fast, stable.  Kmail was great but they trashed
it.  Evolution is OK but bloated.  The problem with thunderbird is its file
formats (see mork in wikipedia).  Exporting from evolution or kmail is not
much fun either.

finding duplicates:  fslint

Yes, libreoffice.  Yes to vlc also.

Learn how to use pipes in the terminal.  Generally to get the extra from
Linux you need to use the terminal.  You can do it all in the gui packages
but you miss two thirds of what is there for the looking.  It will look like
Windows, and that's fine as far as it goes, but there is far more.

spacefm for a file manager

cherrytree for notes, its what kjots used to be before they wrecked it.

People start in all kinds of distros, but Debian is where you will end up if
you stick with it.

Awk.  I guess its primitive Perl, but it works wonderfully if you need to
hack text around, which don't we all at some point.  Sed has its points as


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