LiveCode 8 Global Jam

Peter W A Wood peterwawood at
Sat Sep 19 22:28:29 EDT 2015

After reading the announcements, I am looking forward to the LiveCode 8 Global Jam and helping to prepare LiveCode 8 for release through reporting bugs.

As I’ve already reported a handful of bugs relating to LiveCode 8, I thought I’d take a look and see how many LiveCode 8 bugs there are in total. As I understand, LiveCode 8.0 is based on LiveCode 7 so I performed a search of the LiveCode Quality Centre for all bug reports against version 7.0.0 DP 1 and above which are not yet resolved.

I was surprised when the search returned 674 bug reports that met the criteria. Perhaps the search criteria I used could be improved. I can see that some of the 674 are enhancement requests but I can’t work out how to exclude them from the search. From a quick glance, I don’t think that there can be much more than 50 enhancement requests so there still seems to be at least over 500 unresolved bugs.

Hopefully, many will get fixed during the Global Jam (and shortly afterwards) as the engineering team focusses on bug fixing rather than adding new functionality.

I’m still looking forward to the Global Jam but I’m a little worried that the LiveCode 8 release isn’t as close as the Global Jam announcements suggested.


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