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Sat Sep 19 09:36:58 EDT 2015

Thanks Roland for the email.  What you have described was exactly what Visual Basic programmers were saying in the early 90s. The solution to the VB problem was the ability to create COM objects. 

What you described as your primary frustrations will evaporate with LC8. You will be able to enjoy the simplicity of the language and the ease of use of complex objects. A complex object would be say a calendar or scheduler. If you need to create this in LC today, it can take you many frustrating days [trust me I have had them]. But once there is an available widget as open source or for sales, your frustrations will go way down and your productive will go way up. 

LiveCode development is about to enter a new renaissance. But on your seat belts. You will look back in a year and be amazed with the changes that will be coming. 


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