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Dave Cragg dcragg at lacscentre.co.uk
Fri Sep 18 18:17:36 EDT 2015

> On 18 Sep 2015, at 22:16, Peter Haworth <pete at lcsql.com <mailto:pete at lcsql.com>> wrote:
> I guess I spoke to soon.
> The put URL code is in a button's mouseUp handler and the resetAll is at
> the start of handler.  


I found this from a post from 8 years ago. (Oh dear.) It refers to libUrlResetAll, but that is what the resetAll command calls.


If you do use libUrlResetAll, be careful. My general advice would be   
to try not to use it, but if you do, use it at the end of a handler   
or before a period of "idle time". If you have any url calls (get   
url, etc.) after libUrlResetAll in the same handler, the results can   
be unpredictable. I'm not completely clear of the reason for this.   
libUrlResetAll clears a bunch of script local variables (using   
"delete local"), and I suspect that the engine may not do this   
deletion immediately. So subsequent url calls may start and then have   
the script locals "pulled from under them" so to speak. I can't   
confirm this, just a suspicion. :-) 

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