AW: Why is LC text blurred on a retina display?

Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Fri Sep 18 13:01:57 EDT 2015

Silly question, but can  you update your archives simply by having LC
adjust the header in the file on the fly?  (Look for sorenson, if its
there, make the changes, update the archive, and then play the file)
IF its true h.264, but with just screwy header info, it'd be MUCH more
efficient to change the headers rather than a full re-encode.

On Fri, Sep 18, 2015 at 10:45 AM, Tiemo Hollmann TB <toolbook at>

> Hi Mark,
> I am sorry for my uncouth "broken". It was only for me "not usable"
> Your improvements on the sort command really look very promising. Thank you
> for caring about it!
> The reason, why I can't use the AVFoundation is very specific to my
> environment. All of our products are based on a set of 20000 sign language
> videos, which were compressed and encoded 7 years ago with Sorenson
> squeeze.
> Though the codec was a h.264, Sorenson put its own name "Sorenson Video 3"
> into the header of the videos, which isn't accepted by AVFoundation and so
> the videos can't be played by the AVFoundation player. Getting all native
> videos out of the archive cutting and recompressing with a new codec has to
> be done one day, but is actually a real big deal for us. And I can't update
> the program anymore at the existing customer base, without exchanging all
> videos (8GB), what isn't realistic as an update. I would have to release a
> complete new version. And "if" I am heading this big task, it makes only
> sense, if I am sure I can use the new videos also with a new LC video
> player
> on Windows. So not being able to use AVFoundation isn't a technical issue,
> "only" an organizational issue in our specific situation.
> Thanks for asking
> Tiemo
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> Hi Tiemo,
> On 2015-09-18 11:11, Tiemo Hollmann TB wrote:
> > Thanks Kay, Neil and Mark,
> > I can't use LC 7 or above, because the sort international is
> > completely broken (as I have reported), what makes LC 7 or above
> > completely unusable for German developers. (because sorting is just
> > such a standard
> > function...)
> > But I will give 6.7.6 a try. Hoping I don't get any pitfalls with QT
> > on modern systems, because I can't use AVFoundation.
> I do think that 'completely broken' is perhaps not quite the correct phrase
> to use in this instance (I appreciate your native language is not
> English!).
> I believe 7.0's 'sort international' functions entirely correctly - it just
> does it substantially slower than before!
> I recently did some work on the sort command for LiveCode 8 to optimize
> it's
> performance:
> The improvements were dramatic. Indeed, the new approach is actually much
> better than it was prior to 7.0 as it ensures it only computes certain
> information it needs once, and operates on a much smaller intermediate
> representation.
> I asked Seb to take some timings of the stack you provided in different
> versions. Here is what he found:
> 6.7.7-rc-2    xSortListe    56ms  - sort full list
> 6.7.7-rc-2    xSortListe    27ms  - sort list items with 'a'
> 7.1.0-rc-3    xSortListe    596ms - sort full list
> 7.1.0-rc-3    xSortListe    293ms - sort list items with 'a'
> 8.0.0-dp-5    xSortListe    44ms  - sort full list
> 8.0.0-dp-5    xSortListe    26ms  - sort list items with 'a'
> So, I think we can hopefully say that sort has returned to its previous
> levels of performance (and indeed, might even be faster than before
> although
> the margin for error in the above tests is too small to say for
> sure) :)
> We'll look into back-porting this particular patch to the 7.x branch - the
> reason I put it into 8.0 was mainly because I was being conservative. If my
> changes were to break something, we'd have more time to sort it out on the
> develop branch, rather than on the 7.x maintenance branch.
> On an unrelated note...
> Can you explain why you can't use AVFoundation? Sorry to have to be the
> bearer of bad news here, but anybody who is currently dependent on
> QuickTime
> in any fashion is going to run into significant and insoluble problems as
> time moves forward. We have just about managed to preserve existing player
> /
> multimedia functionality in the Mac engine with the move to Cocoa (with
> considerably difficulty, I might add); but the reality is that we cannot
> continue to support QuickTime indefinitely as Apple dropped support for it,
> and stopped maintaining it several years ago. It could disappear from a new
> version of OS X at any point - it is already barred from the Mac AppStore.
> Warmest Regards,
> Mark.
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