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When you say the initial field is filled, do you mean that you want to detect that condition, and move any new data to other fields? So that if you were placing data into a field that could contain ten lines without scrolling, say, and five of those lines were occupied, that you would only load five more lines into that field, and then the rest would go into a second field? Or a third, and so on?

If so, you can set the textheight of these fields, and along with their actual height, determine how many lines they can show without scrolling (height / textHeight, rounded down). Now you can manage the number of lines of data that should fill each one, and move to the next field as needed.

If I understand what you meant at all, that is.

Craig Newman

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I have been experiencing with different methods in attempts to take
information that is in memory and put it in two or more fields when the initial
field is filled. So far I have been unsuccessful.  I tried various suggestions
that I found in the Rev archives but none of them work. Has anybody found a
solution to this that they could share?

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