[ANN] UltraEdit Wordfiles for LCS and LCB

James Hale james at thehales.id.au
Tue Sep 15 03:25:10 EDT 2015

I have done a bit more on the language (worldfiles) files for LCS and LCB for use in UltraEdit

Tightened up the function/handler expressions.
Added three work-in-progress like tags


if inserted at the beginning of a comment these will also appear in function list


--todo: need to allow for textencode here

will appear in the function list as:
	todo: need to allow for textencode here

I have updated the files on dropbox accordingly.

Just a comment:
In going through setting these up I have had a pretty good look at UltraEdit am very impressed.
One bonus I didn't realise was that I could turn on word completion and it would use keywords defined in the associated wordfile to offer completion options.
The wordfiles themselves are easily edited (they are just txt files) and the web site provides much material on mods you can make (hence my update today.)
Being a Mac user I have not tried the Windows version. It is at a higher version number and I think has a few more features.
However all versions are very configurable and very responsive.

For those on Windows and contributing to the Git repository a big brother to UltraEdit is UEStudio. This has,  in addition to all UltraEdit's features language intelligence, integrated development tools and version control. The current version having full Git control claimed to be built into UEStudio.


P.S. OP appeared only on user list. just thought the LCB side might be of more interest here.

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