LiveCode repo name change fixer

Monte Goulding monte at
Wed Sep 9 23:31:44 EDT 2015

> On 10 Sep 2015, at 1:06 pm, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:
> > I also saw the email notice on the fact that we can expect a lot more
> > submodules in the future to deal with widgets. Not something I'm
> > looking forward to.
> What are your concerns?

The issue with submodules is just a workflow thing. You’ve got to remember to commit changes to the submodule before you commit to the main repo because the commit on the main repo contains a reference to the commit on the submodule. In general submodules that you don’t maintain and just update every now and then are a godsend. Submodules in the one project that share branch names etc like the ide and thirdparty ones in the livecode repo not so much… I’m actually not all that sure why these were made submodules in the first place. I’m fairly sure we discussed it back when it was all originally pushed but it I can’t remember… 

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