Window decorations and the effective rect issue

Scott Rossi scott at
Wed Sep 9 14:19:11 EDT 2015

Dumb comment/question on my part: I always thought the effective keyword
was for reading only -- didn't think it was settable.  From the docs:

The effective keyword is implemented internally as a property and appears
in the propertyNames. However, it cannot be used as a prop in an
expression, nor with the set com.

(Guessing that last word was supposed to be "command").

Is there something that says explicitly you can set the "effective"
property of anything?


Scott Rossi
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On 9/9/15, 11:11 AM, "Paul Dupuis" <paul at> wrote:

>I have an application (main stack + many substacks + several external
>stacks) that is ancient (originally built in HyperCard, ported to
>Supercard, ported to Metacard, and on up to LiveCode 6.7.6.
>I was working on redoing some of the legacy screen layout code today -
>taking advantage of 'the working screenrect' (working didn't exist way
>back when) and 'the effective rect' of a stack (effective wasn't
>available either)
>A multi-window layout should now be as easy as get the working
>screenrect and divide it up and set the effective rect of the stacks
>(windows) to the divided up values. No more fudge factors for varying OS
>window borders and title bars and such. Yea!
>However, I have run into a puzzler. Under Windows 8 (and Win 7) when I
>set the effective rect of a stack to 0,0,x,y or set the effective
>topLeft of a stack to 0,0, that stack is NOT taking into account the
>wider window borders of Windows 7 and 8 and is positioning the stack
>with part of its borders off screen - it is like the stack thinks it's
>window borders were the thinner ones back under Windows 2000 or XP!
>This only occur with old stacks in the application - i.e. stacks
>originally migrated from HyperCard > SuperCard > Metacard >Revolution.
>If I create a new "Untitled 1" substack in the old legacy mainstack and
>set it's effective topLeft to 0,0, it renders exactly as expected.
>I tried cloning (as in "clone stack <name>" one of the legacy stacks and
>it also thinks it has thinner window borders that it really does.
>All these stacks have been saved from LC676 in the latest stack format
>(the were previously in LC464). I created a new test mainstak and
>substack in LC676 and the effective keyword works exactly as expected
>with stacks. I also created an identical test stack under LC464 (the
>oldest version I have) and the tried that under LC676 and it works
>exactly as expected.
>I just appears to be really ancient stacks that have been
>imported/migrated rather than any new stacks. Has anyone seen anything
>like this?
>I'd rather not have to recreate each of these legacy stack by creating a
>new "Untitled" stack and populating all the objects, scripts,
>properties, etc, to fix this issue.
>Paul Dupuis
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