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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Sep 8 20:37:39 EDT 2015

Monte Goulding wrote:

 >> On 9 Sep 2015, at 7:31 am, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> That the v7 IDE has few if any changes between minor release
 >> means that a merge per se may not be needed.  And since an
 >> object merge is the only complex step not already addressed
 >> through relatively simple tools, we have hope for a workflow
 >> that may allow the community to continue to advance the IDE
 >> shipping with the current product while the team focuses on
 >> the future.
 > I haven’t been following this conversation. Do you want your changes
 > eventually merged into v8 or are they only for v7?

This thread goes back aways, but perhaps the crux is in this post from 
Charles Warwick with a change he added to the v7 IDE so useful the team 
has since incorporated it into the v8 build:


I gather from Ali's post that the v7 IDE is in maintenance mode; that 
is, critical bugs will be addressed but new features likely to be 
limited to v8 to be deployed with Builder is out of Beta.

Meanwhile, we all want to see the company raise its conversion rates by 
providing the best LiveCode experience we can for people downloading the 
current version today.  So if we can find a way to advantage of 
community contributions in the current product, all of the current 
community benefits as well as those considering LiveCode who may find a 
nifty new feature now and then that much more compelling.

 > If it’s just v7 why not start a community fork and take the pressure
 > of the team?

Essentially that seems to be where we're at.  Most of the work is 
already well handled through Github, so we're really only talking about 
a very small number of edge cases. And on this one the work has already 
been done by the community (thanks, Charles!).

But the difference is that a true fork is only useful for those that 
learn about it, know where to download it, and are comfortable digging 
into their LiveCode folders to replace their IDE stack file with the 
Community fork.  Fine for most of tte folks on this list, but nearly 
completely obviating any possible benefit for newcomers.

If we can just get a review process in place for community enhancements 
to the IDE to be included in the main install, everyone wins.

 > On a slightly related note I should be able to support widgets
 > in lcVCS for those on the bleeding edge of v8 now that the
 > widget  <-> array is merged in.

Good to hear.  Once Builder is fleshed out, tested, and performant I 
look forward to diving in wholeheartedly.

   Richard Gaskin
   LiveCode Community Manager
   richard at livecode.org

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