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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Sep 8 16:53:53 EDT 2015

Richmond wrote:
 > but I do think that their survey is slanted and sends out a
 > signal to those who don't live in Britain or the USA that is
 > not particularly "cuddly".

In any global community any single location will make a good many people 
feel "uncuddly".

As the community grows we may expect to see a greater number of regional 
events, possibly in lieu of or possibly complimenting a single larger 
global event.

For example, I'm currently working with the organizers of the SoCal 
Linux Expo to see if we can add a one-day track at their event in 
Pasadena next January that's all about LiveCode, sort of a 
mini-LiveCode-conference under the SCaLE umbrella as we do for Ubuntu 
with UbuCon there each year.

Please don't make travel commitments yet, unless it's for SCaLE itself 
which is always well worth attending.   My discussions with the SCaLE 
folks are early-stage, and it'll likely be a few more weeks before we'll 
know for sure if we can pull together the logistics to make that happen. 
  But if you have any interest in Linux at all, man oh man I can't say 
enough great things about attending SCaLE, with or without a LiveCode 
event there.

As for LC events elsewhere, I would encourage anyone here interested in 
organizing a regional LiveCode event to do so.

The very first LiveCode conference was held in Monterey, organized by 
Dan Shafer and Chipp Walters and required no assistance from LiveCode 
Ltd.  They continued to hold the Monterey conferences as an independent 
event for many years.

The Euro RevCon held in Malta twice was also put together by a community 
member, Jim Sims.

A global conference is great, but difficult for both the company and 
attendees who may not be close to the venue.  But that needn't stop us 
from having a good time sharing LiveCode tips with our friends and 
colleagues wherever we are, whenever we can.

Whether it's a monthly user group meeting with a dozen or so people, or 
a large annual or semi-annual regional even for a hundred or more, it 
all seems like a good time to me.

Extra bonus points if there's also an annual global conference to top it 
all off.

  Richard Gaskin
  LiveCode Community Manager
  richard at

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