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Tue Sep 8 14:53:23 EDT 2015

On 09/08/2015 09:27 PM, Lynn Fredricks wrote:
>>> "I am not likely to attend any of the above locations, and
>> I think a Central European location (e.g. Munich) might give
>> the impression that RunRev actually cared about developers
>> outside Britain and the US."
>> That was exact the same i was thinking when i saw the  the locations.
> They are going to look at locations based on where their user base is, which
> is why North America is going to figure quite prominently.
> Oh yeah, I really like Vancouver, BC Canada :-)
> Then there is easy access, price of flights and "comfort". That's why years
> ago we had that one in Las Vegas. There are a lot of cheap flights to Las
> Vegas from all parts of North America, and special package deals. I don't
> have any impression of how much travel costs figure into attendance, but I
> know with other specialty conferences, it does.

"easy access, price of flights and "comfort" "

I don't just suppose Las Vagas is easier to access by all those users in 
Germany than, say, Munich.

"comfort"    ; Ahh, Oh, Yes, I forgot: Munich is outside the 
comfort-zone because they speak a non-English language there.

"from all parts of North America" . . . I wonder about all the users in 
China, South and Central America, Europe and Africa.

You cannot even see how USA-and-her-poodle (Britain) centric you are being.

"price of flights"

Well, yeah, I suppose you are going to say that a ticket from Berlin to 
Las Vegas is cheaper than Berlin to Munich (why bother; just hop on
a bus).

Instead of a silly, slanted survey about where to hold a conference, 
let's have a less-silly survey to see where LiveCode's installed
base live . . . then, on the basis of that let's do some extrapolation 
from where those people live to the places where we could
hold conferences which would be the most convenient to the most people.

Certainly, a cursory look at the Use-list postings and those in the 
Forum gives one an impression that a very large proportion
of LiveCode users are NOT native speakers of English - so I wonder where 
they actually do live?

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