BBEdit/Textwrangler LCM for livescript

jameshale james at
Mon Sep 7 03:28:06 EDT 2015

Thanks Peter and Kan,

Multi word keywords:
There does seem to be a way around this as mentioned in the update to
language modules doc (for BBEDIT 11+) but I am not clear as to the syntax.
As a work around (aren't they all!) I have split all multi word keywords
into their components removing those BBEdit chokes on (mainly the operators
like * < > >= & && etc)

Colorizing within quoted strings:
Put the modified string recognition pattern back.
Initially I was jumping back between xCode and BBedit to check the sysntax
and make changes. Unfortunately this introduces a few problems of its own. I
am now using the "plutil" to check that the XML is ok for a plist and the
console to ensure BBedit can read it.

More colours:
The updated docs mention the ability to group keywords into sets and then
apply a different color to each named set. I haven't been able to get this
to work. Even though I am using the latest BBEdit the console is telling me
that it cannot find any keywords if I use the new feature. I might be forced
to write to there support.

I have updated the livescript.plist file.


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