Editing Large Scripts is Faster

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Sep 3 13:09:19 EDT 2015

Mark Wieder wrote:
> Jana Doughty <jana.doughty at ...> writes:
>> We have an added perk to LiveCode 8 DP 4 for you (in case HTML5 wasn't
>> exciting enough already!). You can read about it here:
>> https://livecode.com/editing-large-scripts-faster/
> Great! And thanks to Charles for the patch.
> Now how about applying one of those filters to the variables list?
> How about splitting the env variables into a separate tab?
> How about splitting the global variables into a separate tab?

And since the script editor was the same before this change, how about 
including that in v7 so it can be used in production work now?

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