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Wed Sep 2 05:31:55 EDT 2015

On 2 Sep 2015, at 07:18, Warren Samples <warren at> wrote:

> On 09/01/2015 11:36 PM, Alejandro Tejada wrote:
>> On Ubuntu Linux, works fine Firefox
>> Chrome and Opera shows this message:
>> Exception thrown, see JavaScript console
> It works here in Opera 31.0 and Chrome 44.0 (also works in Chromium) in openSUSE 13.2, 64-bit. I wonder what accounts for the difference in our experiences. It does not work in QupZilla or Konqueror using either WebKit or KHTML. It also works fine in Vivaldi.

Thanks for all the feedback!

The biggest factor we’ve found in whether a given browser supports the HTML5 engine or not is how up-to-date it is: the more recent the browser, the more of the HTML5 standard it supports (none of the browsers we’ve tested comes close to supporting all of it!). As such, we need to add various browser-specific work-arounds to the engine and, so far, we’ve only done that for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It’s particularly interesting that Opera works - it isn’t one that we’d particularly tried to support at this stage.

The browsers that I’ve personally been using for testing are:

Chrome 44
Firefox 40
Safari 7.1

Other browsers that have been reported as working are:

Opera 31.0
Mobile Safari (unknown version)
Chrome for Android (unknown version)

Browsers reported not to work:

Internet Explorer 11
Internet Explorer Edge
Dolphin Browser for Android

The reports of success for Chrome and Mobile Safari have been mixed - I’d be interested to hear what versions you were using (particularly for Chrome). My suspicion is that the issue with Mobile Safari is a memory limitation rather than version-related but it is worth looking into anyway.

I’ve not added bug reports for browser support to our Bugzilla yet - I’m holding off until I have a clearer picture of which browsers work and don’t, so please let me know if you encounter any other issues.

Other problems that have been reported to the list are:

Colour-swapping for images stored in stacks
The mouse position is not correct

And the “known issue” list for the release:

Text rendering is limited to a single hard-coded font
Alignment issues with text
No networking except ‘get url’
Using ‘wait’ will cause engine crashes
Only some forms of ask/answer work
No externals
No widgets
No commercial deployment
The engine is quite large
Limited browser support

We’ve got lots to get on with, but please don’t be shy about letting us know about other bugs that crop up - either let me know via this list and I’ll add to our bug tracker or add them yourself at . And thank you again for trying out the HTML5 engine - the more feedback we have now, the better we can make it when it is released.


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