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Wed Sep 2 01:24:32 EDT 2015

OK, now I understand my confusion.

I have been comparing the NEW dictionary to the OLD (V7 and before) where
the listing of terms was BETTER presented (at least in my opinion).

In the OLD dictionary the listing of items was a table with three columns
the first of which was termed "Keyword"

This is what I wanted to see both in the NEW dictionary's current list as
well as presented as the NAME of the description (shown in bold).

The nearest I could come up with was to use the quoted strings in the syntax
description although without any leading "the", "set" or "get".

The OLD dictionary listing also included the syntax but this was in the
third column with the type of keyword displayed in the second column.

So I guess I am arguing for a return to this style of presentation as I have
found it much easier to look through the list when I can see clearly the
"keyword" without anything else confounding it.

So, is it possible to have more than one column in your list?
Is it possible to filter the syntax description to only show the quoted
strings and remove the prepositions (the, set, get, put) when there is more
than one quoted string and thus display what was the "keyword" in previous
If more than one column is provided then displaying the "type" and the
"library" (in LCB case) would also be great.
Can you use the "keyword" as defined above as the name displayed in Bold as
the heading for the description?

My use of square brackets for the library name was not the suggestion, just
the library name's inclusion. 

The question of "left vs leftlist" is redundant if the listing is lead by
the keyword as I have described. 
The keyword here is "is" :-)

Your explanation regarding needle makes sense once the metaphor is
It just never occurred to me, so I am assuming it might not occur to
Changing entries where it is used to also use haystack makes it clear and
I see this is done in some entries but not others and where it is done it is
not defined.

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