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Tue Sep 1 10:42:33 EDT 2015

In the .mlc file an example syntax definition is of the form:

     "delete" "element" <Index: Expression> "of" <Target: Expression>

where the verbs, for want of a better term, are quoted.

Why can't these be the name that is shown in bold at the top of the entry?

So in the above example the entry would have at the top
*delete element...of*

The listing entry in the top pane could remain as is or duplicate this with
the addition of the .mlc file from which it comes. 
say (as well as next entry).... 

   delete element...of         [lists]
   delete   [lists]

The "is" operator would be shown as
   is    [com.livecode.string]
   is    [com.livecode.list]
   is    [com.livecode.arithmetic]
   is    [com.livecode.logic]
   is    [com.livecode.binary]

instead of...
    /Left/ is /Right/
    /Left/ is /Right/
    /Left/ is /Right/
    /Left/ is /Right/
    /Left/ is /Right/

The current name could then be called something closer to what it is like
"engine pseudonym" (just kidding) or something.

"Needle" seems to be a pseudonym for "expression" which is OK just seems


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