Death of the Application Browser

Monte Goulding monte at
Mon Nov 30 17:29:06 EST 2015

Thanks Jacque, this is a good list.
> On 1 Dec 2015, at 7:41 am, J. Landman Gay <jacque at> wrote:
> 1. Horizontal/column view so it is easy to drill down from stack to card to object, and see their relationships to everything else. Basically I want Finder column view.

Yes, I think this would be helpful too. A list view could probably also be implemented along with something like cover flow as an option to use instead of the thumbnails.

> 2. I need to see card numbers and object layer numbers.

Would it be sufficient to have something like <number>. <name> instead of just <name>? Perhaps there might be a way in preferences to specify an object descriptor to use??? This would be a fairly lightweight change I think. Trying to add proper columns would be much more work.

> 3. I need to see IDs for all cards and objects.

Do you need to see IDs all the time or just sometimes? What do you need them for? the tooltip gives you the long ID in LC 8. Would it be helpful to have a Copy Object Reference > Short ID … Long Name in the contextual menu? What about drag and drop object references to the script editor or drag an image off the browser and drop on a button and it sets the icon and IDs into the property inspector? All fairly easy fixes but you need to detail what you are using the ID for to see if they resolve the issue.

> 4. I need the ability to open the property inspector for an unselected object for quick reference, without changing the current selection or location.

Yes! Me too. Perhaps a preference whether clicking on the flipper of a group selects the object and actions from the contextual menu shouldn’t select the object. You should need to click on the name to select the object and open the stack. I expect this isn’t all that tricky a change either.
> I'll probably think of other things. The main problem for me is the amount of scrolling necessary to locate things, the inability to see where I'm at in the object hierarchy, and the way the PB forces unwanted navigation.

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