How would YOU trade data within LC Android app between 2 tablets without INTERNET?

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Mon Nov 30 14:32:29 EST 2015

Hi Mark,

Two possible answers:

a) Use any (err.. virtually) wifi access point to create a network that the 
devices can be on, then they can communicate directly with each other, even 
though that access point won't actually be connected to the internet.

b) Make it worth Monte's while to port the mergBLE extension to Android, then 
use Bluetooth to connect the apps.  It works great on iOS, but unfortunately 
is not yet available on Android.  Again, this solution would allow the apps to 
communicate directly between devices.

If communicating directly between devices is your preference, then this will 
certainly be easier than setting up an intranet with a server in the middle. 
But if you wanted to do that, then it's certainly possible to write that 
server in LiveCode, using sockets - which now apparently are available on 
mobile platforms as well.

(My personal preference is (b), because then I could take advantage of this...)


On 30/11/2015 19:16, Mark Rauterkus wrote:
> Hi,
> Looking for best practices.
> I want to create in LiveCode, Android Apps and have them run on tablets.
> And, I want to have them SHARE / TRADE text data. But, I don't have
> INTERNET. The Andoid devices have wifi. And they even have Bluetooth 4.0.
> What to do?
> Background: The school district won't allow them to hook up to the school's
> internet via wifi. Getting internet via our own cable is too expensive.
> And, we go to too many sites. And, getting a CLEAR internet Hub is costly
> too. But, that might be the best route. Setting up a 'hot spot' with my
> internet phone costs an extra $45 a month and with limited bandwidth.
> If I can't communicate directly between devices, (doubt that I can), then
> it might be easy to set up an INTRANET with a headless server on an extra
> iMac or PC with a wifi router. Then we could talk at the site on that
> network as much as we desire.
> Then, from time to time, I could unplug the server and bring it to the
> internet and capture the data for archives, if desired.
> Getting that server to run on LiveCode would be an extra benefit / bonus
> too.

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