Transparent MobileControl?

Scott Rossi scott at
Mon Nov 30 00:01:09 EST 2015

Not sure if you ever got an answer to this, but in the simulator, setting
the opaque property to false and the backgroundColor to something like
255,255,255,0 seems to work here.  The alpha property doesn't appear to
have any bearing on this control.


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dan at> wrote:

>Is it possible to make a mobile "multiline" control transparent?  I would
>like to be able to type in the control and see the text, but see the
>graphic gradient under it -- like the opaque of a standard field.  Using
>mobileControlSet, I've fiddled with the alpha property and opaque
>properties as well as the backgroundColor (red,green,blue,alpha)
>property.   All of which don't seem to do the trick.   Is there a
>property I'm missing or is there a secret combination of all these props
>I didn't stumble on?
>Thanks in advance,
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