Gmail API and Oath 2 - How to access using LiveCode ?

Mike Kerner MikeKerner at
Sun Nov 29 10:13:17 EST 2015

Check with Monte.  He wrote the mergGoogle external for accessing google

On Sun, Nov 29, 2015 at 8:45 AM, Roland Huettmann <
roland.huettmann at> wrote:

> Good day to all )
> I am trying to develop a LiveCode application using an SQL database with
> the ability to have access to my Gmail account (mail and contacts) and NOT
> using the standard IMAP protocol, but using OAuth 2.0. There are other APIs
> I would like to access as well.
> The idea behind is to UNIFY all messages (email, messages, letters into
> contacts and message repository) from all kinds of different sources under
> one single umbrella to be able to add notes, tags, sort and filter, extract
> time information, etc. And basically I want everything in one place so that
> also everything can be related to each-other.
> I had a developer developing access for Gmail OAuth 2.0 using Python. It
> works half way. It downloads mail messages and creates them as files on my
> system in a specified directory. It could be used importing into the
> database using LiveCode. But it requires installation of Python and I would
> be happier using just LiveCode.
> And the problem is still that Google sends a token which must be manually
> copied and pasted which is less than user-friendly. And also there is not
> full functionality yet. This problem my developer could not solve.
> And if all this could be done using LiveCode (script or builder) that would
> be fantastic.
> ( I would not feel fit using LCB - LiveCode Builder language - yet. I would
> probably give such task to someone who knows and possibly is a C++
> programmer. There is knowledge needed which I currently do not have. If LCS
> - LiveCode script - could be used, even better for my own abilities.)
> And I was thinking whether or not there is anybody who has used OAuth 2.0
> (orOAuth other versions) to get the credential accessing something like
> Gmail using LiveCode.
> Is there any experience doing this? Any code fragments? Anyone who has been
> accessing using OAuth 2.0?
> Also I am interested in IMAP and how to access IMAP through LiveCode.
> Regards, Roland
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