Death of the Application Browser

Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sun Nov 29 01:50:12 EST 2015

OK, I'm glad I deferred again from even testing 8+... without the AB I 
would be lost.

But, I really like the visual look-and-feel option of icons and previews 
etc in the PB... that said, there are definitely scenarios where you 
want really lean lists for stacks with many cards, many controls... if a 
single card has 50 controls (not unusual) then the BP becomes overly 
long and you lose the over view.

  So now I find myself using both...But just because we *can* use 
both... I think it is very "retro"  and actually a little irritating to 
switch back and forth.

So, I agree with Monte. Why don't we just work together to make the 
Project Browser that much more "awesome" than even the current AP?

Jacque: can you detail your requirements that make it a must for your 
stacks to use the AP?

Other than the icons and visuals forcing a super oversized tree that 
becomes hard to navigate, what other things does the AB do that the PB 
does not? You can get to the inspector and the script just as fast for 
any object.


Monte Goulding wrote:
> What I don't really understand is why people aren't offering suggestions on how to improve the project browser so it will work for them. To my mind the simple solution would be to have multiple layout modes (tree, list, column) and the ability to detach chunks of the hierarchy into a separate window by double clicking or dragging. That would open up a world of possibilities for copying and moving objects around.

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