Death of the Application Browser

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Thu Nov 26 15:24:59 EST 2015

On 26/11/15 22:02, Mark Wieder wrote:
> On 11/26/2015 10:36 AM, Richmond wrote:
>> Although I would still like to know why it has been downgraded to a
>> Plug-in.
> Actually, I don't see that as a downgrade at all.
> Making it a plugin allows it to be more malleable, fixable, 
> replaceable. Taking it out of the IDE hierarchy should give us more 
> options to work on the Application Browser. Since the team wants to do 
> other things,

Aah, so the team isn't going to bother to listen to the Community 
because it wants to do other things;
so it is chucking the Application Browser out to grass.

> it's up to the community to fix the AB, and making it a plugin makes 
> it easier to do so.

Makes me wonder, again, again, about that word: "community".


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