Death of the Application Browser

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Thu Nov 26 08:33:59 EST 2015

Peter B. wrote:

> 1) In general, we have found that the Project Browser is easier to use 
> by newcomers to LiveCode, and easier to explain in training materials.

There is nearly no difference if you have one button and one field.

> 2) We also found that there was significant confusion caused by the 
> presence of both "Project Browser" and "Application Browser" in the 
> "Tools" menu, which was leading to users trying to follow instructions 
> and ending up in completely the wrong place.

What makes you think that the whole big community has that confusion too?
I'm only 30 months with LC, I can use already both without any confusion.

> 3) In the LiveCode 8 development team, we made a conscious decision to 
> focus our resources on the Project Browser, because most of our users 
> (and most of us) find it easier to use.  This means that the LiveCode 8 
> Application Browser has received fewer feature improvements and testing 
> that the Project Browser.

The "most of us" may be true.
But on which data is the wording "most of our users" based?

The discussion is NOT about the quality of the project Browser, it has it's (high) qualities. It's about its lack of certain important features, in sum:

It's *unusable* if you have a real big stack, just try.

Given your arguments are valid, you should consequently make a LC-Lite version, for real beginners. (Good idea, isn't it?)

But do NOT diminish improvements and testing and do NOT cut, as now, one of the most valuable parts from the full version.


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