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Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 18:21:25 EST 2015

On 24/11/15 23:45, Monte Goulding wrote:
> Thanks Devin
> I suspect anything that isn't game focussed won't be very exciting for him at the moment. Perhaps in a couple of years.
> Cheers
> Monte

Well, in my part of the world a child who is only interested in programming
insofar as they can develop games would be described as spoilt rotten.

I introduce programming to kids who are largely motivated to make computer
games by pointing out that it is fairly difficult to make a LEGO model of an
aeroplane if one doesn't know how to stick the bricks together, and that,
like everything else in life, first principles come first, and computer 
generally come second or third.

In my summer classes (18 times 90 minutes) I got children to start of games
at about class 12.

They would have been quite unable to make any games without the preliminary

Children who want all the "Jazzy stuff" straight away without all the 
initial donkey
work will grow up as fairly useless specimens.


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