wtf diesel?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Nov 20 18:38:47 EST 2015

Ralph DiMola wrote:

 > I used the contact form for emergency support requests. I got a
 > response back last Saturday from David in less than an hour.
 > Things were OK by Sunday. When diesel went sideways again on
 > Wednesday and last night I again used the contact form for
 > emergency support requests but have not received any responses
 > for either of the last 2 emergency support requests. That
 > being said I see that a few hours after both requests the load
 > on diesel went back to LOW.

Any word on why the server load has prolonged spikes?

Is there a user on the affected machines trying to run needlessly 
complicated scripts?

Many years ago there was discussion here about CPU throttling on the 
on-rev servers, as we'd expect with any shared hosting service so a 
single account can't dominate the machine and deny use for others (I 
once heard someone say that they felt it was a reasonable expectation 
that they should be able to run CPU-maxing analytics programs on a 
shared host for 7 or 8 hours at a time <g>)>

It may be helpful to know what causes these unusual server loads.

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