Script for finding duplicate accounts and identifying dups

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I did not read Bernd's response. Are the records on separate lines?

jdoe, 123456
ggarcia, 121212
ggarcia, 131313

If they are not. make then so. And then, why not sort the list, and in a "repeat with..."  loop check each line with the line following. If they match, extract the two indexes. This should take only six lines of code.

Craig Newman

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Hi All,I have a list of user accounts and unique IDs. The user accounts are first initial + last name. A typical list might look like the following:jdoe, 123456ggarcia, 121212ggarcia, 131313I’m trying identify the duplicates, list the username and their unique 6 digit id.I have been using the following code that Bernd shared while ago: <>…but it only works if i leave off my unique 6 digit IDs from my list of accounts, naturally.  I would like to be able to identify the user accounts that are exact duplicates but then differentiate them by their unique 6 digit ID. So essentially, create a new list of just the duplicates and ids, i.e.ggarcia, 121212ggarcia, 131313Thanks in advance for any ideas!John PattenSUSD_______________________________________________use-livecode mailing listuse-livecode at lists.runrev.comPlease visit this url to subscribe, unsubscribe and manage your subscription preferences:

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