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Wed Nov 18 03:08:07 EST 2015

Hi Terry...

Thank you for your reply...

The custom URL scheme works fine... though getting it to work was a little confusing as I started of using something like myscheme://, when the text message arrived on the phone the 'double slashes' were not part of the clickable link... After reading other peoples experiences with this, the solution is just to give the customURL a parameter so that the slashes become part of the link... as in myscheme://open ... then everything is good... :-)

An aside to Jacque Landman-gay... Sorry, looks like your 'fears' have been realised... as it works like a charm...:-(

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> Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2015 23:54:31 +0000
> Hi John - these are a couple of things I¹ve used them forŠ
> 1. Adding them to timetable events that students can sync to their
> calendars. Clicking the urls opens a custom app that provides them with
> access to all the learning resources associated with the event.
> 2. Installing configuration profiles (list of students, assessors,
> questions etc) on an iPad-based assessment app - the custom url contains
> the path to an encrypted dropbox file containing the profile data
> The text message thing should work just fine.
> Terry...
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> wrote:
> >I have been thinking about the custom URL scheme... and wonder what it is
> >useful for ?
> >Has anyone employed a custom URL in an app and would you like to tell
> >what you used it to do ?
> >
> >Would it be possible to send a text message to a phone that contains a
> >custom URL that could be used to launch an app on the device ?
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