LiveCode with unusual input devices

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The site is in English as well. Find a checkbox somewhere.

The device communicates with the computer via USB. I am not sure how another USB device might coordinate. I will ask.


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Craig.  This looks to be quite useful, but as I don’t read German, it is hard to
tell.  I have some very unusual USB devices that I would love to use with LC on
my mac.  Currently, I am stuck with the manufacture’s proprietary software.

How does Service USB Plus detect the usb devices?  Does it require dlls or the

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> On Nov 16, 2015, at 6:48 PM, use-livecode-request at
> I have used the "Service USB Plus" from 

> A pleasure to use. Comes with a framework for LC, as well as other
platforms. Mainly good for I/O control with external gadgetry. If you wanted to
automate an alarm system for your house, or create a disco controller, this is
> Craig Newman

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