LiveCode with unusual input devices

-hh hh at
Mon Nov 16 20:45:20 EST 2015

> Ben R. wrote:
> Does anyone have (fairly recent) experience using LiveCode to with unusual  input devices - phidgets, PowerMate, MIDI keyboards or controllers, DMX, etc?  On either Mac OS X or iOS? What's easy?  What works?  Are there good externals or libraries I should know about?

I found for nearly every device friends or I needed a "how-to" there was a python 'library' to do the 'hardcore' job. You can use this via LC and the "shell" function from several platforms.

You can especially use from all LC-Platforms a RaspberryPi (similar: Arduino) and its incredible hardware options as "connection point" to the home- or building automation.

For MIDI on Mac there is a very high quality external: SunnYmidi by Thierry D. ( ).

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