LC8 dp9 Difficulty

William Prothero prothero at
Sun Nov 15 13:30:19 EST 2015

I’m just getting used to the new object inspector in LC8 DP9. I’m trying to set a custom property. In older versions, there was a diamond shaped button to press, a dialog came up to name the custom property, then you put in a name. A value was set in the field below the list of propertynames.

In V8DP9, the custom properties are accessed in the object inspector, by clicking on an icon along the top. That’s fine. But, I can’t get it to either display or accept a custom property that I enter. The dropdown menu only has “customProperties” listed. If I click the little diamond symbol, I get the dialog, but it is asking for a “custom property set”. I only want to enter a single custom property. Then, it never displays the property that I put in.

This seems like a bug to me, or at least a very user unfriendly interface.

What am I doing wrong?


William Prothero, Ph.D.
University of California, Santa Barbara, Emeritus
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