Area of Irregular Polygon

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Sun Nov 15 03:49:03 EST 2015

> Roger G. wrote:
> Jim, I'm just now trying to catch up on this discussion and I see that no one has answered your question. I can’t answer either and wonder what’s going on???
> BTW, I believe you should have a negative sign in front of the square bracket . . . not that that helps at all!.

Oh yes, I answered to Jim H. (sorry Jim, I wrote "James").
And Bernd too, with a "taking-snapshot"-method.

And I also made a (non-math) "Sunday game" after that, see #57 here

Sometimes I wonder about the mechanism of the 'list machine'.
For example this thread is ordered, when choosing "messages sorted by thread" not co-sorted by time (within the same 'thread' depth).


p.s. The minus sign is there or not according to the 'orientation' when numbering the vertices of the polygon, counterclockwise or clockwise.

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