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FYI: RevIgniter has an XML-RPC library... (hmmm, or maybe it was Andre's 

Anyway... we use that to have a page on our web site "talk" to Word 
Press (get posts)

perhaps this helps... you would need to see that library... I will send 
it to you off line...

We don't (or do we?) have a web space yet for sharing stuff like this 
with the community?)

Of course, XML-RPC is "how" and not "what"


if the server expects a screwdriver,
you can't send him a hammer.

So what you see below is WordPress specific.
Things like "wp.getPosts" are pre-defined -- and can be found in the 
Word Press docs

I wrote the "baby talk" parsers.. Andre wrote the wp Functions


if gBASEPATH is "gBASEPATH" then
     put "No direct script access allowed."
     exit to top
end if

rigLogMessage "debug", "Wordpress XML-RPC Library Loaded"


command rigRunInitialwpConfig
     --Run initial configuration procedures. Don't remove this handler, 
even if it does nothing.'
     rigLoadLibrary "arraytools"
     rigLoadLibrary "xmlrpc"
end rigRunInitialwpConfig

--> Wordpress Suite

function wpGetUsersBlogs pUser, pPassword
     return callXMLRPC("wp.getUsersBlogs", pUser, pPassword)
end wpGetUsersBlogs

function wpGetPosts pBlogID, pUser, pPassword, pFilterA
     return callXMLRPC("wp.getPosts", pBlogID, pUser, pPassword)
end wpGetPosts

# First parse for a galleria post; get 1st pix and 1st caption from the 
var data
# then pick the <p> content at the end if there is any.

function parseForImage pContent
         If pContent contains "var data" then # it is a galleria slideshow
           put     line ( lineOffset ("image:",pContent) ) of pContent 
into tImagePath
           set the itemdel to "/"
           delete item 1 of tImagePath
           replace "'," with "" in tImagePath
           put "/" before tImagePath
           return  tImagePath
                replace "=" with cr in pContent
                replace "alt" with cr in pContent
                replace "<br" with (cr &"<br") in pContent
                replace "<br /" with "" in pContent
                replace ">" with cr in pContent
                replace quote with "" in pContent
                repeat for each line x in pContent
                   if x contains ".jpg"  then
                      put x into tImagePath
                     exit repeat
                   end if
               end repeat
           return  tImagePath
         end if
end parseForImage

function parseForCaption pContent
         If pContent contains "var data" then # dig for the first 
description. It could be empty that's OK.
           # get the line number of the first image closing JSON:
           put  lineOffset ("},",pContent) into tEndOfFirstImage
           # test for "description" in two possible lines
           if (line tEndOfFirstImage of pContent contains 
"description:") or (line (tEndOfFirstImage-1) of pContent contains 
"description:")  then
           put     line ( lineOffset ("description:",pContent) ) of 
pContent into tCaption
           set the itemdel to "'"
           delete item 1 of tCaption
           replace "'," with "" in tCaption
           if char -1 of tCaption ="'" then delete char -1 of tCaption
           replace "\" with "" in tCaption      # undo escaped JSON chars
           return  tCaption
           end if
         end if
         # we don't parse any other type of post for a caption for an  
image... it's too complicated and variable.
end parseForCaption

function parseForStory pContent
  if  ( (pContent contains "var data") OR (pContent contains "iframe" ) 
) then
      # We have a slideshow or a web app in an iFrame. We can't show 
these on the home page
     # dig for any <p> section, otherwise skip it completely
         if pContent contains "<p>" then
             put     (offset ("<p>",pContent) + 3) into tStartText
             put     (offset ("</p>",pContent)-1) into tEndText
             put char tStartText to tEndText of pContent into tStory
             put word 1 to 60 of tStory into tStory
             put "..." after tStory
             return  tStory
         end if
           # assume this is a iPhone Apps WP post and it is plain HTML 
with breaks and tags
              replace "=" with cr in pContent
                replace "alt" with cr in pContent
                replace "<br" with (cr &"<br") in pContent
                replace "<br /" with "" in pContent
                replace ">" with cr in pContent
                   replace quote with "" in pContent
                repeat for each line x in pContent
                     if (x contains ".jpg") then next repeat
                     if (x contains "/") then next repeat
                     if (x contains "class") then next repeat
                     if (x contains "<") then next repeat
                   put x & cr after tText
                end repeat
                repeat for each line y in tText
                   if len(y) > 3 then put y & " " after tStory
                end repeat
                    return tStory
          end if
end parseForStory

function wpGetLastPosts pBlogID, pUser, pPassword
     put wpGetPosts(sWordpressBlogID, 
sWordpressUsername,sWordpressPassword) into tA
     put the keys of 
tA["methodResponse"]["params"]["param"]["value"]["array"]["data"] into tList
     replace "value[" with empty in tList
     replace "]" with empty in tList
     sort tList numeric ascending
     put 1 into k
     repeat for each line x in tList
         put "value["&x&"]" into tPost
into tTemp

           -- AG: Comparing the date with the actual date, do not show 
anything from the future
           -- BR: 2015/1/28 updated to include the time.

         # extract the time
         set the itemdel to "T"
         put item 2 of tTemp into tISOTime

         put char 1 to 4 of tTemp into tYear
         put char 5 to 6 of tTemp into tMonth
         put char 7 to 8 of tTemp into tDate

         # push to a LiveCode format
         put (tYear , tMonth , tDate,0,0,0,0) into tPostDate
         put tPostDate into tPostDateInSeconds
         convert tPostDate to long internet date # save for a readable 
time stamp later

         # get a Livecode time string and swap in the time from Post time
         convert tPostDateInSeconds to internet date
         put tISOTime into word 5 of tPostDateInSeconds

         convert tPostDateInSeconds to seconds
         put the date && the time into tCurrentDateInSeconds
         convert tCurrentDateInSeconds to seconds

         if (tPostDateInSeconds > tCurrentDateInSeconds) then
             next repeat
         end if

         -- post is not from the future, continue processing
         put word 1 to 4 of tPostDate into tRetValA[k]["date"]
         put (tYear & "-" & tMonth & "-" & tDate) into 

into tRetValA[k]["link"]
into tRetValA[k]["title"]
into pContent
         --put parseContent(pContent) into tRetValA[k]["content"]
         put parseForImage(pContent) into tRetValA[k]["image"]
         put parseForCaption(pContent) into tRetValA[k]["caption"]
         put parseForStory(pContent) into tRetValA[k]["story"]
         --put "<br /><br />" & tTemp after tRetValA[k]["story"]
         add 1 to k
     end repeat
     --logArrayData tRetValA
     return tRetValA
end wpGetLastPosts

Swasti Astu, Be Well!

Kauai's Hindu Monastery

Peter Haworth wrote:
> Starting on a project to have an LC client talk to a server using XML-RPC.
> I see various functions in the dictionary but are there any
> lessons/examples out there?
> Pete
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