Livecode Licence Rules for dummies ....

tbodine bodine at
Sat Nov 14 09:41:17 EST 2015


You didn't mention how you are distributing your programs or what platforms
your users have. My understanding is if you build standalones from your
licensed version those standalones can be distributed at no further cost to
you. At least those were the terms I recall from the 5.x era. (I know the
more recent "Indy license" put some limits on that scenario.)

If you want to distribute your stacks directly, your users will need to get
some version of LC to use your stacks. 

If you are making standalones for Mac users, you may find that 5.x doesn't
work on newer Mac OS versions due to Apple's continual changes. So,
Mac-wise, 5.x could be a dead end. Have you considered using the Community
Edition for your projects?

Tom B. 

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