Converting HTML to Jade?

Terry Vogelaar tvogelaar at
Fri Nov 13 13:35:15 EST 2015

Thanks, Lyn. This is what I am looking for, but there is one last hurdle to take before I can use it.

I needed NPM to install it. But I needed Homebrew to install NPM. And Xcode to install Homebrew. Fortunately I already had Xcode installed. This is quite an effective fence to keep the non-geeks out. 

html2jade is working like a breeze when I run it from the terminal. However, when I use:
put shell("html2jade /path/to/LocalFile.html”)
I get:
/bin/sh: line 1: html2jade: command not found

Strange that the terminal doesn’t have problems finding it, while the LiveCode shell does. What am I doing wrong?

With kind regards,
Terry Vogelaar

> Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2015 01:44:38 +0100
> From: Lyn Teyla <lyn.teyla at>
> Terry Vogelaar wrote:
>> Does anyone know if there is an easy way to convert HTML to Jade from within a LiveCode script?
> I use the html2jade command line tool:
> You can run it from within LiveCode using the "shell" or "open process" commands, thereby integrating it directly into your workflow.
> Lyn

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