AW: Standalone Internet Access Errors

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Wed Nov 11 06:54:49 EST 2015

Hi Dan,

if the same App trying to reach the same URL is working at some customers
and at some not, it is obviously a thing on the customers computer side.
When I get the message "host address not found" in my App it is almost
always that the customers computer is not a single "private PC", but is
located in a network with either a proxy server or a special (not windows)
network firewall (or sometimes an additional firewall on a private PC).
Are your customer only "private" customers with "home networks"?

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Betreff: Standalone Internet Access Errors

I have a standalone app that users download, unzip, and run.   This works
fine.  However, from time to time I get a call from a customer, typically on
a windows computer, that the app is unable to reach the internet.  My
standalone is getting timeout errors, and "Host address not found" messages
when trying to access the internet.  Usually, disabling security settings on
the users computer will resolve the problem.  But, now and then that doesn't
work or they can't find the service on their system that is blocking my app.
I know it's not a url or domain issue because the very website the app it
trying to reach is the same server they downloaded the app.  I think the
issue is that the app it's self is being blocked.  I wonder if it's because
it's not being installed by a MSI installer and therefore is untrusted.  I'm
not a windows expert by any means and am a bit perplexed.  Does anyone have
any knowledge of this or have any advice?

Any thoughts are appreciated!

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