MouseMove message interrupted when I change cards

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Hi David:

Try the following in your message box.  Is this what you're trying to do?
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>Among the controls in a group with background behavior I have a ³quick
>browse² control ‹ a polygon graphic whose many rectangular parts
>represent cards in the stack.  I handle ³mouseEnter² and ³mouseMove², and
>use the mouseH to calculate which card to go to.
>I find that the ³mouseMove² message is interrupted when I change cards.
>Even though the mouse is moving across what looks like the same graphic,
>LC seems to treat each card¹s representation of that graphic as a
>separate control.  Thus when a mouseMove causes navigation to a different
>card, no more mouseMove messages are received, unless I move the mouse
>out of and back into the control.
>Is this how things should work?  Do I need to move my control to a
>palette so that the change of card that it triggers does not interrupt
>its own operation?  Are there other options?
>David Epstein
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